Bush's Last Parting Shot at the Environment?

Oh dear. It looks like George W Bush wants to rush through environmentally damaging changes to the Endangered Species Act. Clearly the man has no shame, no brain and absolutely no concern for the natural world in any shape or form.

This looks like it could be his last parting shot, a f**k you, if you will, to the people that have watched his tenure with continued astonishment.

If you're in the oil, mining or logging industries, it looks like your old buddy Dubbya has handed you the keys to the wilderness on a silver platter.

The G8 go green

The G8, the group of 8 industrialised nations (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States) have made a decision to go green.

Actually it's a decision to wholeheartedly go green by... cutting emissions by 50% and not the 100% you might expect.

And despite the rapid rate of deterioration in so many (eco, social, political) systems in the world, the G8 have given themselves a nice and easy 42 years in which to achieve this.

The Smoking Analogy

It's funny how the world goes these days... we had this rapid race for globalisation where barriers were broken down primarily for greed economic reasons; western companies quickly saw that they could reduce costs by employing far-flung foreign workers to do jobs for a fraction of the cost of a westerner. Why pay a Brit/US/Euro web designer/developer a top wage for the skills he or she was told were in huge demand and they'd spent years studying and qualifying for when someone in India would do the same job for a quarter of the cost?

Climate Change is Everybody's Business

10 months ago the Confederation of British Industry set up a Climate Change Task Force to identify and assess climate change and its affect on British Business.

Last Monday the task force published its findings and it says that it's not just the realm of government and consumers to be doing their bit to go green but business should be actively involved too.

Big Brand Litter

One of the big problems with litter is that the global big brands pump millions of pounds into promoting and advertising their products, they shift massive numbers of units, lots of profit is made, they all enjoy the spoils of their business and ultimately don't care about the fact that their global brands are also creating massive amounts of rubbish!