Petrol Prices

I'll admit it - I'm a petrol head. That may sound like utter hypocrisy for a man who runs a green website, but it's the way I was brought up.

Like all boys I've always loved cars and when I had the opportunities to buy fast cars I did so. I still have them. One hasn't done a single mile in 6 years and the other does over 30 miles to the gallon. I also do below average mileage, the cars are old but well-maintained and so I probably contribute far less CO2 into the environment than your average motorist, maybe half. That's still a good score.

E.ON's True Colours

We don't like the energy company E.ON

Previously they've attempted greenwash to promote their image by getting football fans to car share in their carbon footyprint campaign.

Then somebody kindly pointed out that E.ON's new Kingsnorth power station is to be coal-fired, belching out as much CO2 in one year as E.ON are asking football fans to save over a period of 200 years!

And you thought a 35% Gas Price Hike was bad...

Remember we said last night that British Gas jacked their prices up by 35%?

Remember their MD saying British Gas was doing "all that they could" to help people out including sending them a couple of energy-efficient lightbulbs?

Well today Centrica, the owners of British Gas, have reportedly made profits of £5million a day.

British Gas claimed that the 35% price rise was to "restore reasonable profitability".

Beat Gas Price Rises with a Lightbulb

Are we mad? No. But Phil Bentley, the MD of British Gas is!

Today British Gas announced a staggering 35% rise in gas prices. It also announced a 9% increase in electricity prices too.

The ITV Evening News interviewed a number of people, who are already struggling to make ends meet, about how they might cope with the huge price rises and then asked Phil Bentley, the MD of British Gas, whether he thought it was right to raise gas prices by 35% when this could put thousands of homes at risk of being subject to "fuel poverty".

Gordon talks Oil

Britain's unelected leader (at least, unelected by the people in a democratic general election), Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is apparently the only head of government at an oil summit in Jeddha at the moment, discussing with the Saudi King Abdullah the future of oil.

We're Officially Ecotricity Customers

After making the switch to our new green electricity provider earlier in the week we received confirmation that the change from Southern Electric to ecotricity has already been made :)

We've just submitted our meter reading online through the ecotricity website, so now all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the fact that we're actually contributing to investment in renewable energy, chiefly windfarms.

Bugs Eat Waste, Excrete Petrol

I stumbled across this extraordinary story in The Times yesterday as I trawled the Internet in my day job...

Scientists in Silicon Valley have genetically engineered bacteria to produce "renewable petroleum".

Because petroleum is apparently just a few molecular stages away from the fatty acids excreted by yeast or E.Coli the scientists have found it easy to genetically modify the bacteria to excrete a by-product close to petrol.