E.ON's Carbon Footyprint

Back in December we brought you news on the advertising campaign by energy supplier E.ON called Reduce your Carbon Footyprint. To summarise, it's all about getting English football fans to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint by taking the coach and car-sharing to football matches, specifically the FA Cup. Football & energy suppliers? That's a strange mix. So what's in it for E.ON then? Well, E.ON sponsor the FA Cup which is next weekend.

Free Energy - The Electromagnetic Power Plant

Truth or Fiction? Too good to be true?

Whilst oil prices have reached $120 in the last week and the world worries about rising energy prices, along comes a simple technology that can create energy for free. Well, almost.

The EBM technology or Energy By Motion machine, is a 15 ton electro-magnetic generator that, once started, produces electricity under its own perpetual motion.

The current EBM 720 produces about 15Kw of energy from its location in Budapest, Hungary.


Green Budget 2008?

The BBC's speculatively-titled story "Chancellor looks to green budget" is pretty thread-bare, starting with the opening line:

Green taxes and measures to help people struggling to pay energy bills are likely to be among changes in the chancellor's first Budget on Wednesday.

It goes on to speculate that the chancellor, Alistair Darling, might put a levy on larger vehicles like people carriers, putting their price up by £2000.

And that's it!

Oil Prices are the Highest Ever

Oil prices hit an all-time high this morning as US light crude was up to $102.80 a barrel in East Asian trading. Yesterday oil was $102.59 a barrel, but today's peak figure beats the record high of $102.53 for a barrel of oil back in April 1980.

The shaky state of the US economy has weakened the dollar and the weak dollar makes oil a cheaper for investors in other currencies.

Now if oil prices aren't a good reason to go green then I really don't know what it will take to make people snap out of their excessive ways!


E-Day O-Dear

Remember it was E-Day yesterday? Well, E-Day was actually a 24 hour period from Wednesday into Thursday.

The whole point of E-Day was to reduce demand for energy by switching off unneeded devices, turning things off standby mode (mobile phone chargers, electric toothbrushes, PCs, TVs, Sky digiboxes, etc) and make an impact on energy use in this country just for one day!

And what happened? Well, E-Day seems to have been an unmitigated... DISASTER!


Just to remind you folks that it's E-Day today...

From 6pm make sure you turn off those lights you're not using, turn off the TV when it's not being watched, don't leave those devices on standby (PCs and printers) and let's see if we can use a little less energy, aye?

Or are we preaching to the converted?

Green Leap Day

The National Trust has a novel idea for environmental work this leap year with it's own Green Leap Day.

All of the Trust's 4800 staff are being encouraged to take February 29th off and focus their efforts into green projects. The idea is that staff will work on going green at home with numerous simple household tasks such as:

Climate Change is Everybody's Business

10 months ago the Confederation of British Industry set up a Climate Change Task Force to identify and assess climate change and its affect on British Business.

Last Monday the task force published its findings and it says that it's not just the realm of government and consumers to be doing their bit to go green but business should be actively involved too.