Green Budget 2008?

The BBC's speculatively-titled story "Chancellor looks to green budget" is pretty thread-bare, starting with the opening line:

Green taxes and measures to help people struggling to pay energy bills are likely to be among changes in the chancellor's first Budget on Wednesday.

It goes on to speculate that the chancellor, Alistair Darling, might put a levy on larger vehicles like people carriers, putting their price up by £2000.

And that's it!

Green Architecture Day

If you're in the south of England then don't forget it's Green Architecture Day in Brighton.

Starting at 10am and running through to 5pm there are stalls and stands, which are free to see.

The talks, ranging from the design of eco centres and buildings to green rooves, need to be paid for. Obviously it's too late to pre-book but you can pay at the door today.

M&S Charge 5p for Carrier Bags

After the little town of Modbury in Devon banned carrier bags last year, it has taken a long time for anyone else in England to catch up.

In fact nobody has caught up yet, there are just schemes to deter shoppers from using the dreaded polluting plastic bags, of which a staggering 13 billion are given away free every year across the country. Taking around 1000 years to decay, it's no wonder something needs to be done about the "white trash".

Remade Nokia

Nokia's President and CEO unveiled a new concept Nokia mobile phone that is, at last, pretty environmentally friendly.

The new Nokia concept mobile, branded "Remade" is supposedly constructed from nothing new, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the device, using less raw materials, reducing landfill waste and making the whole production process more energy efficient.

Green Leap Day

The National Trust has a novel idea for environmental work this leap year with it's own Green Leap Day.

All of the Trust's 4800 staff are being encouraged to take February 29th off and focus their efforts into green projects. The idea is that staff will work on going green at home with numerous simple household tasks such as:

Car that Runs on Air

Over at the BBC there's a great video story on a car that runs on air.

The car, well, a small van actually, has a tiny engine that runs on compressed air and uses other fuels for longer journeys. That means that during the urban cycle the vehicle makes absolutely no emissions at all. Except, for now, a bit of noise.

Inventor Guy Negre, an ex Formula 1 engineer, said that:

"You can drive a big truck and still be responsible"


I beg your pardon?

Did you just say "You can drive a big truck and still be responsible"?

Those are the words of Jim Press, Vice Chairman of Chrysler, to the BBC as he sings the praises of the new 2008 Dodge Ram - a truck that has 5.7 litre 345 horse power V8 engine and is apparently 5% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. With that in mind he adds that "it's kind to the environment".

EU turnaround on Biofuels

The ill-considered rush to provide biofuels for Europe & the world has led to a number of negative environmental issues.

Where biofuel was once seen as an easy alternative to producing greener vehicles, it was thought that simply fuelling the same old vehicles with "greener" fuel would be the answer to the CO2 issues.

However the use of biofuel, mainly due to these negative issues, is almost negligible.

Bali Deadlock Broken

It looks like the deadlock at the UN Bali summit has been broken.
After two weeks of intense talks it would have been a shambolic waste of time, money and effort for the summit to end without an agreement, without a clear path, no roadmap to a successor to the Kyoto Protocol.
But which way did it go? What did the UN head, Ban Ki Moon, do to reach an agreement?