Climate Change is Everybody's Business

10 months ago the Confederation of British Industry set up a Climate Change Task Force to identify and assess climate change and its affect on British Business.

Last Monday the task force published its findings and it says that it's not just the realm of government and consumers to be doing their bit to go green but business should be actively involved too.

Doodle for Google - This or This?

This year's Doodle for Google competition was based on the them "My future" and British schoolchildren were invited to submit their entries.

A couple of days ago Claire Rammelkamp's "This or This?" doodle was seen atop every google search page.
Her Google logo entitled "This or This?" shows both a destroyed planet and a green planet and is accompanied by the statement:

Green Credentials Gaining Momentum

A report by the CBI today has noted that "green credentials" are increasingly important to people when it comes to the reputation of companies.

The bulk of the poll attributes great customer service, quality of products & services and the meeting of customers' expectations as the key factors in the building of great reputations for companies.

However, Richard Lambert, Director General of the CBI, noted that "Environmental credentials and social responsibility are also becoming increasingly more important to consumers' purchasing decisions."

German Car CO2 Up

German-made cars have seen their CO2 emissions go UP according to a report from the European Federation for Transport & the Environment (T&E) whereas French, Italian and Japanese car manufacturers saw their vehicles' emissions go DOWN.
T&E says that the figures for 2006 when compared to 2005 show that French, Italian and Japanese CO2 emission figures actually dropped by an average of 1.6% whereas the German cars' emissions increased by 0.6%.

Big Brand Litter

One of the big problems with litter is that the global big brands pump millions of pounds into promoting and advertising their products, they shift massive numbers of units, lots of profit is made, they all enjoy the spoils of their business and ultimately don't care about the fact that their global brands are also creating massive amounts of rubbish!