Grow Your Own (Infographic)

It looks like the concept of "grow your own" is really picking up again in Britain.

Whether it's due to the wave of austerity sweeping the nation, allowing people to supplement purchased food and reduce their costs, or the  sheer satisfaction of being able to plant, grow, harvest and taste your own fruit and veg, grow your own is a most welcome change in the national psyche.

The Organic Debate

Why buy organic? What is organic? Why isn't everything organic if it's so much better? Why is organic more expensive?

If you know the answers to these questions then you'll be happy to see this wonderful little movie from The Soil Association. If you have friends that need convincing that organic food is actually better than intensively farmed food then, again, you'll like this.

Prevent Flies in your Compost Bin

Tip of the day to prevent flies in your compost bin: wrap all your old kitchen scraps in a sheet or two of old newspaper before dropping them in your compost bin. This should keep flies from laying their eggs on the organic waste.

This follows the prinicple of mixing "green" and "brown" waste, so a really good layer of shredded paper will do the trick but not so well as wrapping old fruit and veg in newspaper.

Also keep the lid on and make sure there are no gaps into the bin.