Turn It All Off

"Leaving an average PC switched on costs in excess of GBP8.00 or USD15.00 per month and is equivalent to generating nearly a ton of CO2 per year!"

That's what they say over at TurnItAllOff, a site dedicated to informing the casual visitor of the costs of PC energy use.

The site is both fun & informative and has an energy savings calculator to work out how much money your business can save by simply switching off your computers at night.

In this little 2-person office right now, we save about GBP124.00 a year by simply switching off PCs when they're not needed... now that may not seem a lot, but that's could be the budget of the company Christmas trip down to the local ale house!


Hey, for the business users we can automate this switch off and ensure that all unsaved work is protected with Faronics Power Save. We can provide reports on the savings for your company also and allow them to shout about how green they are.

Sorry for the plug, go take it to the IT guys. There is no excuse for them not to turn pc's off anymore, not by using these types of products.

All in a good cause!

IT Energy.co.uk