Water at Work Week

Wasting water at work is not only environmentally unsound but can also increase a company's costs and therefore affect their profitability.

This week sees Water at Work Week come into action and the Big Splash campaign aim to help companies reduce their water wastage/usage.

By joining the campaign UK companies get the opportunity to cut costs and lessen their effect upon the environment. In return they will receive cost-cutting tips, maybe gain a little publicity and, if particularly successful in saving water, they can even win an award for Excellence in Environmental Improvement.

Supported by a number of UK water companies you need to register your business's interest in the big splash.


Saving water is something that all people should do, not only at work, but at home also. Many people don't realise that a small thing such as leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth can waste up to 5 litres of water per minute. Multiplied by the number of people that do this "small" thing, you can soon see how much water people actually waste on a daily basis.

You're absolutely right there, Nick - if only half the population were running the tap for a minute a day that would be 150 million litres of wasted water or 'grey water' being treated as sewerage and yet not used. What a waste!