we are what we do

We are what we eat.

And tonight, Matthew, I'm scrumpy cider, cheese & biscuits ;)

But we are what we do too, and that's the message behind the great new website wearewhatwedo.org a sort of online karmic barometer promoting & monitoring how we can all do our little bit to change the world.

Basically, in their own words they have...

"created 50 simple, everyday actions that can improve our environment, our health, and our communities, making our planet and the people on it much happier. We started by putting these actions in a book, but the whole movement is getting bigger. And bigger."

Now that sounds good. At their website you can tick the actions you do everyday on their do something page, see how many others are on the same path and sign up to your own personal action tracker to see how you're doing.

The 50 actions are so simple that anyone and everyone can do them from simply smiling a bit more, fitting at least one energy-saving bulb to watching less TV and even planting a tree (a native broadleaf is highly recommended).

So go on, give it a look in, do your bit and make the world a better place because we are what we do, right?