Wind Turbine Syndrome

Just when you thought it was safe to put up a wind turbine in your garden, along comes a study that suggests that wind turbines cause health problems.

Dr Nina Pierpont, a New York paediatrician, conducted tests over 5 years in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Italy and Canada on people living near wind farms. Her self-funded study has identified a number of health issues arising from living in the vicinity of wind farms ranging from tachycardia ( an abnormal heart-beat) to general irritability. Other affects have included disturbed sleep, headaches, tinnitus (a constant "buzzing" in the ears), nausea, blurred vision and panic attacks.

Dr Pierpont found that when subjects moved away from near the location of the windfarms most of the ill symptoms had gone away.

The conclusion of the five year study is that Dr Pierpont is recommending that windfarms are not built within 2000 metres (2 kilomteres or 1.25 miles).

The full results are to be published in October by K-Selected Books, but you can a sneak peek at some of the findings over at

It will be interesting to see how this research is accepted when the full findings are officially published but as long as it doesn't play into the hands of the pro-nuclear lobby then Britain should make greater strides to generate more electricity from off-shore windfarms.
Wind Turbine Syndrome - Nina Pierpont's research