You've Gotta Love Ecotricity

Yesterday morning just one piece of mail came through the letterbox - Ecotricity's Progress Report 2010.

That's just one very good reason for choosing Ecotricity as our green energy supplier all those years ago - They're open, they're honest and they keep their customers informed which is something I've not seen from any other energy company.

In their own words Ecotricity kicked off the report by saying:

"2010 was possibly our best year yet"

With their "green gas", EcoBonds, Nemesis "wind-powered" car, a number of new Wind Parks and now a new Sun Park, you can see that Ecotricity have been hard at work.

One of Ecotricity's big statements is "turning bills into windmills" and they include a supplier rating table in this latest progress report to show the level of their investments. Whilst Centrica, EDF, E.ON, npower and Scottish & Southern are investing varying amounts of between 0.1p and 3.0p per pound received from their electricity bills, Ecotricity re-invest a whopping 50p+ per pound received!

Another table that Ecotricity published was their fuel mix: 4 years ago we asked Is Ecotricity Really That Green? The reason behind our question was that they couldn't provide 100% green energy - There wasn't enough supply to meet demand so they had to make up their supply with other forms of energy.

Nuclear energy made up 25.9% of Ecotricity's fuel mix back in 2007. Whilst it sounded like we were being cynical about the energy company we could see their promises on green energy investment - True to their word the April 2009 - March 2010 nuclear energy proportion has dropped to 4.3% whilst their renewable energy is up from 20.2% to 41.1% in the same period. Superb!

And with 46,000 customers Ecotricity really is becoming a power to be reckoned with! If you like the sound of Ecotricity then why not join them? Just follow this link to switch to Ecotricity.

Long live the green revolution!