1000th Tesla

Tesla motors, the makers of the Lotus-based Tesla Roadster electric sports car, are currently showing at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

On display at the Tesla Motors stand is their 1000th production car, a one-off custom Roadster Sport, and their 750th production car still covered in the road dirt from its 2,700 mile drive from Los Angeles to the motor city.

The 750th roadster was driven from LA to Detroit to demonstrate its range and drivability. The 1000th roadster is to be sold for $175,000 and the full amount will be donated to charity including a children's charity, a food & waste charity and two environmental charities: the Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Federation.

If you're in the area go see the Tesla stand and show your support for electric vehicles. The show runs until the 24th of January and the amount of gas-guzzlers on show seems to be diminishing as car-makers focus on more economical and zero-emission cars.