Bee Day

It was an unofficial "bee day" yesterday.

It all started when I came home from my local beer festival on Thursday night. Sitting on the sofa at midnight I caught the last half hour of a BBC programme entitled Who Killed the Honey Bee? Being concerned about the recent plight of the bumble bee the show was really interesting.

Then on Friday whilst I was working from home for a change I went to work from my laptop in the back garden to take advantage of being out in the sunshine an fresh air. The patio was swarming with tiny bees -  a quick search of the internet revealed them to possible be Halictidae. These bees would occasionally burrow their way through the dry dirt in between the cracks in the slabs on the patio.

Back indoors, there was a lone bee, what a layman like me would call a common honey bee, trapped in the house. I rescued the bee but he seemed out of puff. A quick search of the Internet and I found that you can feed bees syrup (half sugar, half water). So I gave the little guy a dab of syrup which was tucked into with gusto and half an hour later, after much aimless wandering on foot, the bee finally flew off into the sunset. Happy :)

So despite me cycling to work and back on Earth Day I did forget to buy a bee box, so maybe this was nature's way of telling me to do something for the bees? It might be cheaper, easier and more fun to build your own bee box (thanks, Devon County Council). We've got a typical English garden so hopefully the crocuses, tulips, roses, apple & pear blossom, bluebells, buddleia and lavender will keep the bees happy and healthy for another year.

What are you doing for the bees in your garden?


Buddleia is a serious attractant for all kinds of bees and butterflies. I don't know of any other plant which attracts so many! I would recommend anyone to have one on their garden, though it can grow a little wild, the rewards to you and the environment are wonderful.

Well done for rescuing the bee! Looking forward to your new posts.

Spot on with the Buddleia going wild, Graham; it was hacked back last year and is taking over again this year. It's just started to flower again so I don't want to risk cutting it back until the season's over.

I couldn't let the bee just sit outside so a bit of veterinarian thinking did the trick. Highly recommended and very satisfying too :)