Big Brands Polluting Rivers in China

{EAV_BLOG_VER:d8d8317f40d9f024}Hot on the heels of our local McDonalds Litter post comes a story we spied on the BBC website: Greenpeace links big brands to Chinese river pollution.

According to Greenpeace two rivers in China have been found to contain toxic chemicals used in the textile industry. Samples were collected from the waste water outlets of two textile firms at the Yangtze River delta, in southern China, and the Pearl River delta, in eastern China, and found to contain nonylphenols and PFCs.

Greenpeace said that whilst some brands such as Adidas, Nike and Puma had policies in place  to restrict the use of dangerous chemicals in finished products, the textile manufacturing process was still full of holes, particularly regarding waste water discharge and especially in China where environmental laws are particularly slack.

Investigating the Youngor Textile Complex near Shanghai and the Well Dyeing Factory near Hong Kong, Greenpeace said that Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Bauer Hockey, Calvin Klein, Converse, H&M, Lacoste and Puma amongst others, were connected to the guilty polluters.

After being contacted by the BBC regarding these claims Adidas distanced itself from the pollution at the Youngor plant saying they did not source fabric from the plant and did not use Youngor for processes involving water that was discharged into the River Fenghua. H&M, Nike and Puma also told the BBC the same story. No other brands would comment on the pollution issue.

Lacoste were the only clothing brand that said they took the matter seriously and said they'd investigate further.

So, the brands are in the spotlight again, let's hope they fulfill their social responsibilities and start bringing their suppliers into the green world!