A Blueprint for Survival

After thumbing through the last ever printed edition of The Ecologist the other day there was a mention of the book A Blueprint for Survival, written in 1972 by the then editor of The Ecologist, Edward Goldsmith. A Blueprint for Survival is an extremely important work as it was the book that inspired the manifesto of the Ecology Party which eventually became the UK's Green Party.

Despite the already overflowing bookshelf of unread tomes such as George Monbiot's Heat and The Age of Consent to E.F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered a used copy of A Blueprint for Survival was purchased for the princely sum of 1 new pence (plus post & packaging).

Arriving in reused packaging (we like that) the book that inspired a political party's manifesto is now eagerly awaiting a read and as soon as this 35 year-old pearl of wisdom is digested we'll give you an update.

Until then Shhh, we're reading... ;)