BOGOF B&Q Hemp Insulation

After last month's online purchase of fantastically warm and environmentally-friendly hemp insulation, we saw hemp insulation for the first time locally in our nearby B&Q on Saturday.

Above the usual and itchy suspects of fibreglass loft insulation was a sign that read "Buy One Get One Free on ALL insulation and insulation wrap". So we asked a girl at the till whether the Breatheâ„¢ Hemp Insulation was covered in this deal, after all the sign did say ALL INSULATION.

At the till the computer says NO, but we pursued justice to the letter and asked a higher authority if they would honour their promotion. They did.

So, if you want to save a few pounds and make your loft or walls all warm and toasty by going green with your hemp insulation then scoot down to B&Q double-quick and take advantage of this offer.

As well as the 6 packs of Breatheâ„¢ Hemp Insulation (which is grown in the UK) we saw B&Q were selling Thermafleece natural wool insulation too.

So finally, the high street retailers are actually going green in the products they provide for us. It's nice to see that green products are not just a specialist commodity any more.
Personally I wish the less environmentally friendly products would be priced higher than the green products...