B&Q helps you Go Green

An email from B&Q just popped into our inbox this morning entitled "GO GREEN without going into the red" from those UK giants of home DIY B&Q. They state that

"an average UK house produces enough carbon emmissions in a year to fill six hot air balloons"

...and then they offer a number of solutions to help bring that figure down.

Now, the DIY trade isn't normally known for it's eco-awareness, so for a "high-street" company as high-profile as B&Q to encourage people to buy into the green way of life is very welcome.

They're offering solar water heating panels from £1498, Windsave wind turbines at £1498 including fitting, loft insulation on a BOGOF offer (though not environmentally friendly loft insulation by the look of things) and efficient modern radiators & towel rails.