Ecological Footwear by Po-Zu

From the moment you see the distinctive "upside down" photography you know that Po-Zu is going to be an interesting brand.

Founded in 2006 Po-Zu, from the Japanese word "pause", make ecological footwear. The company's founder, Sven Segal, objected to the practices of the regular footwear industry and embarked upon making his own range of biodegradable but durable shoes.

Looking through Po-Zu's range, there is everything from chelsea style boots and sheepskin slip-ons for the guys to sheepskin boots for the girls. Their "wrap" spat boots are pretty novel.

Whilst there are leather and sheepskin shoes and boots, vegetarian customers will like the tweed and vegans the hemp ranges.

Po-Zu footwear does have quality pricetag to match their durable, ethical build so be prepared to "get what you pay for". They also donate a percentage of the price of their shoes to charity, so you'll be contributing to further good causes when you purchase.

When the summer comes 'round again we're seriously considering those gorgeous organic hemp sandals - If they're anything like as good as the other ethical ware we've purchased, then we're sure they'll be a good investment.