Yes, you did read that right... EnvironmentologyTM

We were just having a little web surf when Honda's EnvironmentologyTM website came up, a lovely looking little site proclaiming the company's commitment to environmentalism.

First up we reminisced over the original 1974 Honda Civic, the first vehicle to meet the United States' Clean Air Act.

Then there was the first mass-produced 4-cylinder 50mpg car, 1986's Civic CRX-HF, the odd-looking Hinda Insight from 1999 and on to the more usual Civic Hybrid of today.

There's also some unusual technology in the CNG (compressed natural gas) powered Civic GX (recognised as the cleanest running combustion-engined vehicle ever certified by the EPA) and the rather tasty-looking FCX Concept, a hydrogen fuel cell car.

So basically Honda are letting us know that they're well keen to produce zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles. Bring it on, we say.