Evil Deodorant

I gave up the "big brand" names in deodorant a few years ago for a number of reasons.

  1. I found I'd developed an allergic reaction to "normal" deodorant.
  2. I wanted to be more natural and less chemical.
  3. I didn't like the "big push" of massive advertising campaigns.

It really started with the allergic reactions - I couldn't carry on, and let's get down to business here, with spraying my armpits with chemicals and ingredients that made my skin sore.

My quest went down the chain, looking for commonly available brands that promised to be less perfumed, use less aluminium or just have less chemicals. Simple and Bionsen were two widely available brands; Simple in aerosol or stick and Bionsen (aluminium free) in stick.

Whilst the aerosol deodorant was quick and easy it became apparent that stick deodorant is much better for my skin.

Then I found Toms of Maine; having an unscented, lavender and a more manly "woodspice" I've become a big fan.

Strangely enough I do occasionally have a can of "emergency" deodorant for when I run out or have to rush out of the door and when this goes on I do react to the ingredients, so I may have to dispose of this can of evil deodorant and do a "big shop" for natural stick deodorants to have lying around (in the car and at work, mainly).

There's also the crystal deodorant or rock deodorant, which I seem to recall is called Crystal Spring and that one is rather good too, although it is not scented (although they may have gone through a rebranding exercise recently, it may be called Salt of the Earth now)

Now I don't know why we've come so far in wishing to mask our own scents these days but to keep those 'pits dry during work work and in the summer months, plus keeping your shirt dry at important functions, we do need to "fall in line" to this modern concept of staying dry & fresh.

I highly recommend Toms of Maine's range of natural stick deodorants (see the list of Toms online stockists) and the more commonly available Bionsen stick deodorant. Neither of these brands are heavily marketed or advertised so they're honest & clean brands and much better for your health.