As with so many things Internet, stumbling across the website was a happy and complete coincidence. The great thing about the site is that we were considering producing such a project here some months ago after we found that it wasn't just us who had difficulty in getting our own local council to keep the urban environment tidy. But luckily someone else had this great idea and saved us the time and effort of building such a tool, so hats off to

Basically, is a site that allows people to report, view and discuss local problems. Everything from potholes in roads & pavements, litter and abandoned vehicles to antisocial behaviour etc can be reported on

We tested the site out ourselves just a few weeks ago when we reported some graffiti on a metal shop shutter on the way into town. The process is simple;

  1. Enter your postcode or streetname
  2. Drop the pointer on the place on the map where the problem is
  3. Fill in the details of the problem in a handy form
  4. Hit the submit button

And that's it. A quick email confirmation needs to be responded to and the report is logged. The local council emailed us for further details of the problem, even though there is only one shop at the pin point on the map, and within a couple of weeks the graffiti was removed. You can log in again once the problem has been solved and report it as fixed.

The site shows other local issues in your area or other parts of the country and acts as a great indicator of the problems experienced in certain localities and the speed, desire and ability of councils to deal with the issues. even has an iPhone application so that you can pinpoint accurately, photograph and report problems too.

If everybody in every town in Britain knew about and used then the country would be a lot tidier and problems dealt with a lot quicker, so if you like the service use it and tell all your friends and family. It really is very good and at least makes our urban environment a better place to be.