Google's Renewable Energy Goal

Search behemoth Google has set out its desire to generate green energy that is "cheaper than coal".

On Tuesday Google stated that it is investing in solar, wind, geothermal and other emerging energy technologies. The initiative, known as RE< C (Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal), is recruiting energy experts and engineers in order to develop clean renewable sources. Google is expecting to invest "hundreds of millions of dollars" in mainly solar thermal and advanced geothermal technologies.

With so much investment and a track record of employing some of the sharpest talents in its search and technology business, Google is sure to attract the right people. With the huge injection of cash and the finest minds, Google is aiming to have the technology to generate a Gigawatt of power cheaper than coal, the idea is to develop the technique so rapidly that carbon emissions can be tackled in a matter of years rather than decades., Google's investment arm headed up by the aptly named Dr. Larry Brilliant, has plans to invest in a number of strategic grants. Two companies with promising energy technolgies are eSolar Inc and Makani Power Inc. eSolar are involved in solar thermal energy and Makani Power are wind energy technologists.

Google has already stated its intentions to green energy but this is also a shrewd business decision too. With the number of data centres that Google has, the cost of energy is bound to soar as resources dwindle. In addition with oil prices up and coal generating 40% of the world's electricity, not to mention the huge surge in demand for power from emerging economies like China and India, a clean and green source of power will not only benefit all of us but Google too. And a healthy return on their investment would not go amiss too.