Green Energy League Tables

We may have been a bit harsh asking How Green is Ecotricity but we're only being honest.

It's a shame that "green energy" suppliers are really "a bit green" energy suppliers. Granted, Ecotricity are 25% green but still 75% of the green energy you think you're buying from them is still coal, gas and nuclear. Sure, nuclear is a "clean" energy when its being generated, but what about the nuclear waste issue? We won't even talk about coal & gas...

Anyway, we digress from the point here of Green Energy League Tables. One of our readers pointed out the website WhichGreen and they've produced an at-a-glance table of how much investment is put into green and renewable energy. The table works by working out how much, per customer, each energy provider puts into investment into new, clean renewable energy and guess what...

Ecotricity come top by a mile!

Strangely enough, Good Energy, the self-proclaimed "100% renewable electricity supplier" are very thin on the ground in terms of actually providing renewables and invested far far less than even some of the brown energy generators. See what WhichGreen had to say about Good Energy. They seem to be more into drumming up green business and taking your green than generating clean power.

Lets not single out Good Energy because Green Energy are at it too, apparently investing as much as Good Energy in the 2006 energy market. As WhichGreen say:

"It's nice to know that they want to invest half their profits into new green, but it's still a world away from actually doing it."

So let's keep an eye on these people shall we?

There's also a 3-year league table detailing the investment by power companies over a period from 2004 to 2006. Once this year's figures come in we'll be able to see who's really green and where the greenwash is.