Hummer Bummer (Hooray!)

GM's Hummer, the 2.5 ton 12 MPG Ego Carrier, has long been an icon.

On the one hand it has been a "status" symbol - an extra 2,700 kg of perceived self-importance, a sign of machismo, being unstoppable, oozing with attitude, couldn't-care-less gas-guzzling excess and having a tiny penis.

On the other hand the Hummer has represented everything worthy of contempt - all of the above, the death to other drivers in a road traffic accidents and the inspiration behind FUH2.

When oil prices shot up over the last few years it spelled the end of the Hummer. Even in the land of plenty U.S. gas prices, even though a gallon of petrol was still less than half the price it was in the U.K., were too much for American Hummer owners to handle and the brand's popularity declined.

So with car maker GM in huge financial trouble, facing bankruptcy and wishing to offload the excess baggage of the world's most hated vehicle and other "assets", along comes China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company with an offer to buy the Hummer brand for around $100 million.

Today however, according to the BBC, it is reported that China is "to block" the Hummer takeover.

A Chinese firm's bid to buy the gas-guzzling Hummer car brand will be blocked on environmental grounds, according to Chinese state radio.

Now that is a turn-up for the books. It seems that China is increasing efforts to cut pollution and the Hummer brand and product are completely at odds with this new green direction of the Chinese state.

For the Chinese authorities to be purportedly turning down Hummer on "environmental grounds" brings a smile to anyone who has gone green. Doesn't that just prove what a bunch of eco fascists we are?!