International Year of Biodiversity

Whilst Governments bicker over reducing CO2 emissions and take too long to consider giving away money to poorer countries to help them in the fight against climate change, the world is changing, and not for the better either.

For years the term biodiversity has been bandied around as an important factor in identifying the richness of the environments on this planet and the flora and fauna supported within each connected ecosystem. But now the United Nations has decided that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity.

For environmentalists, green people and nature lovers everywhere, every year should be a year of biodiversity but the UN campaign aims to create an awareness of the threat to the world's dwindling natural populations.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has stated that species are being destroyed at about 1000 times the natural rate and is quoted as saying that

"business as usual is not an option"

which fits nicely in with not only biodiversity but the sustainability message too.

As usual, it's human activity that's encroaching upon the natural world with city-building and agricultural practices mainly to blame for the decline in biodiversity. I'd also throw in the lack of knowledge and education on sustainable practices plus the west's greedy demand for the use of ever more natural resources plus the willingness of people to sacrifice nature for the sake of trade and money without the slightest thought for the consequences.

There will be plenty of material available after the launch of the International Year of Biodiversity today, so keep your eyes open for some incredible work in the fight to slow down man's destruction of the natural world.

And think about the portent from some biologists who believe that if we don't do anything this could be the earth's sixth "great extinction" where the previous five were all caused by natural disasters such as asteroid strikes!