Joined the Woodland Trust

After many years of the occasional donation and trumpet blowing for the Woodland Trust we decided to join up. Our motivation? Well, just a few months ago when there was the furore of the Government intending to sell off Britain's last remaining public woodland to the highest bidders. Brits were outraged and the backlash caused the government to retract its despicable plans.

But the threat may not be over and any sort of erosion of Britain's dwindling forest coverage needs to be countered.

For us, we're just 50 yards away from our local woodland which is owned by the Ministry of Defence. Local politicians have "guaranteed" that there are no plans to build on the woods for at least 10 years but as time ticks by the threat will get closer. If we ever lose our local woods to the highest bidder (Probably a wealthy property developer who will moan about tiny profit margins but still own a massive house of their own and drive a luxury car)

We need to do everything in our power to protect our woodland in this country, so for a small amount every month we're assured that we're contributing to a worthy cause.

Just in case you're interested in what you'll get for a mere £2.75 monthly donation you'll receive a welcome pack containing:

  • A welcome letter
  • Welcome brochure
  • Directory of woodland
  • A certificate of a tree planted in your name
  • Leaf identification swatch
  • A window sticker

If that sounds cool to you and you can spare a small amount to donate every month or even a one off donation then go and join up or donate to the Woodland Trust.