New Toothy Tabs are Lush

Lush, the high street retailer and maker of fresh hand-made cosmetics, are concerned about the waste from traditional toothpaste dispensers. Most toothpaste tubes and modern fangled pumps end up in landfill so Lush have come up with a simple solution - Toothy Tabs.

Just open up the cardboard box, pop a toothy tab in your mouth, crunch it up, brush with a wetted brush and voila - clean teeth and no waste.

Marketed under the "Dirty" range, in a black box, we're not totally sure of the branding, as it seems to go against the grain of the usual "minty fresh" cliché of the major players. But hey, what do we know and maybe that's the whole point :)

But you've gotta give it to Lush - Their shops are the sweetest smelling little paradises on the high street and their soaps and bath bombs are divine (Yes, even the guys admit to being more than a little bit taken by Lush stuff)

So if you want to keep your teeth clean and reduce waste then why not give Lush Toothy Tabs a go? 2 quid for a 12g box of 40 tabs, they're vegan, they're not tested on animals and they're available in 5 flavours.