The Organic Debate

Why buy organic? What is organic? Why isn't everything organic if it's so much better? Why is organic more expensive?

If you know the answers to these questions then you'll be happy to see this wonderful little movie from The Soil Association. If you have friends that need convincing that organic food is actually better than intensively farmed food then, again, you'll like this.

New York Climate Summit

A one-day climate summit in New York yesterday saw about 100 world leaders attend ahead of the crucial Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December.

China, now the world's biggest polluter, taking the shameful crown from the United States, seemed to make the biggest commitment with President Hu Jintao saying that the country would cut carbon emissions by a "notable margin" by 2020.

Junk Mail

I was only away for 9 days and I came home to find a ton of junk mail on my doormat.

Apart from a couple of magazine subscriptions, the usual bills and letters (including welcome mail from Ecotricity and Triodos Bank) the majority of what I received was junk.

So, apart from just 11 legitimate pieces of mail the rest was:

Eden Project Ale Festival 2009

I nearly forgot to tell you, The Great Eden Ale Festival 2009 is on now at the Eden Project in Cornwall (22nd August - 31st August)

Being back at the Eden Project last weekend (for the second time this year) I spent two days in this wonderful place and it was rather handy to have the Ale Festival going on at the same time.

Anti Climate Lobbyists Reach New Lows

Lobbying firm sends ant-climate change bill letters from "old peole's homes".

After last week's news that big oil are against a better environment it seems that the lobbyists who oppose any moves to limit climate change (incase it dents the profits of big business) have stooped to a new low point.