Preheating Ovens Wastes Energy

One of my pet peeves in this obsession people have with preheating ovens. Why do they do it?

Is it because the fire had to be roaring before it was hot enough to cook the pot on? Maybe the Arga needed to be left a while until the coal was burning efficiently?

But these days we don't have so many of these ancient "appliances" (I still love to cook over a real fire on occasions) and the world has changed in terms of how we consume energy - we need to conserve our energy reserves.

Anyone who considers themselves a cook or a chef will preheat the oven regularly - they'll tell you they need to preheat the oven because that's what the book says, that's what the pros do. It's become ingrained over generations.

Actually it's all a load of rubbish. Of course, the oven may need a little time to get up to the correct temperature and all that means is that *when* the oven is at the "correct" temperature, the food will cook for the length of time specified.

Now what if you DON'T preheat the oven? Is it the end of the world? Is your carefully crafted meal destroyed? Is it burnt? Undercooked? Well, of course, if you "slam in the lamb" and cook for the time specified with a preheated oven then you may undercook the food. But that's no big deal because... All you do is add a little extra onto the cooking time. If you don't preheat and the cooking time was 30 mins, just add 5 minutes on.

Preheating ovens is so incredibly inefficient and totally outdated in this modern world of energy saving. All you are doing is being inefficient - People who preheat the oven are wasting electricity or burning gas for absolutely nothing. And what if they can afford it? Well, that's not the point. Energy is mainly used from fossil fuels and there's a finite amount of them - so it's time to throw out the old wives' tale with the recycling...

Don't bother preheating your oven, preheating ovens wastes energy. Just put the food in as normal, add a few minutes onto the cook time and keep an eye and a nose on your cooking.

Sermon over.