Amazon Photography Exhibition

Photographers Sebastião Salgado and Per Anders Pettersson present a selection of previously unseen photographs from the ongoing "Genesis" project at Somerset House, London. Showing images shot entirely in the Amazon, the exhibition is in aid of the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign, a joint venture between the b

Grow Your Own (Infographic)

It looks like the concept of "grow your own" is really picking up again in Britain.

Whether it's due to the wave of austerity sweeping the nation, allowing people to supplement purchased food and reduce their costs, or the  sheer satisfaction of being able to plant, grow, harvest and taste your own fruit and veg, grow your own is a most welcome change in the national psyche.

Sculpture - Grimes Glen, NY

When I was out in the states last month I spent most of my time in Connecticut and upstate New York. It was really good because I spent a lot of time getting down with nature and checking out the land.

Down by Naples, NY State, was a wonderful place called Grimes Glen, a typical little US creek with a couple of waterfalls.

The falls themselves were cool but I thought I'd share with you the sculpture by the bridge on the way up the glen. Someone had painstakingly positioned all these rocks, with mortar to hold them together.