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Well that's the Cavity Wall Insulation Done

Of all the things we've tried to do to keep our house warm and our energy costs down, one thing we'd not had done was the cavity wall insulation. Our path to getting this done started with an inspection where a couple of guys turned up and drilled a hole in the wall - Yep, we've got cavity walls in our 1964 house. We were told that there was no charge, no catches and if we wanted our loft insulated they could do that too - all under a government-funded grant scheme.

Statistical Proof that Green Roofs Save energy and Money

We've been thinking about experimenting with a green roof here at Everythings Gone Green Towers for quite some time now. Our house roof is far too steeply pitched but our garage, in the back garden, is an ideal candidate for some green roof experimentation.

Green roofs, which can be partially or completely covered in vegetation, are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. They can be installed on existing properties and new builds and provide so many positives.

Farnborough Airport Going Green

{EAV_BLOG_VER:d8d8317f40d9f024}Tucked away on page 17 of this week's Star Courier local newspaper is a little story about our Farnborough Airport (FAB)

It starts:

"Planes from Farnborough Airport might be pumping carbon dioxide into the sky but the airport itself has been praised for its green efforts."

The airport has been awarded Airport Carbon Accreditation at a level coined as "reduction" level which the paper notes is "the second highest of four possible ratings."

You've Gotta Love Ecotricity

Yesterday morning just one piece of mail came through the letterbox - Ecotricity's Progress Report 2010.

That's just one very good reason for choosing Ecotricity as our green energy supplier all those years ago - They're open, they're honest and they keep their customers informed which is something I've not seen from any other energy company.

In their own words Ecotricity kicked off the report by saying:

B&Q Green Lightbulb Cavern

I hadn't been in to my local branch of B&Q, the DIY store, for many months but, being just down the road from my office, I popped in today to get a light bulb for my fridge and was impressed with the sheer range of energy saving lightbulbs they had on offer.

Unfortunately the little lightbulb for the fridge was only an F-rated one but I did pick up an A-rated outdoor lightbulb too whilst they were at a good price (only £1.00) But anyway, check out this selection - enough green lightbulbs to warm the heart of any green...

Energenie Automatic AV Standby Shutdown

If, like us, you're one of those households with a TV, satellite receiver, games console and other devices plugged in to one socket on the wall, you'll have probably noticed how inconvenient it can be trying to save energy by constantly trying to plug/unplug/switch off all the time. We want to switch off all the devices that we don't need but reaching the gang socket behind the TV stand can often be really awkward.