Statistical Proof that Green Roofs Save energy and Money

We've been thinking about experimenting with a green roof here at Everythings Gone Green Towers for quite some time now. Our house roof is far too steeply pitched but our garage, in the back garden, is an ideal candidate for some green roof experimentation.

Green roofs, which can be partially or completely covered in vegetation, are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. They can be installed on existing properties and new builds and provide so many positives.

McDonalds Litter

{EAV_BLOG_VER:d8d8317f40d9f024}I had an opportunity to chat with one of our local street cleaners the other day and he was saying that our local McDonald's was the worst offender in terms of the sheer amount of litter he had to pick up. One day during the week he completely filled 10 large refuse sacks full of just McDonalds trash.

Farnborough Airport Going Green

{EAV_BLOG_VER:d8d8317f40d9f024}Tucked away on page 17 of this week's Star Courier local newspaper is a little story about our Farnborough Airport (FAB)

It starts:

"Planes from Farnborough Airport might be pumping carbon dioxide into the sky but the airport itself has been praised for its green efforts."

The airport has been awarded Airport Carbon Accreditation at a level coined as "reduction" level which the paper notes is "the second highest of four possible ratings."

What? A Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vax have come up with a cardboard vacuum cleaner.

No, it's not the practical equivalent of a chocolate fireguard, it's a seriously cool, practical and very green product. This is how it works...

You get your Vax ev vaccum cleaner in its box. The box disassembles to become the corrugated cardboard panels of the vacuum cleaner and they fit around the motor housing, popping into place, no need for glue.

Why Are There No Reverse Vending Machines in Farnborough?

I was walking home from the local shops last night when I spied between the wood and wire panels of a fence, a load of beer cans stuffed inbetween. Then, a few minutes later, as I was walking through the woodland at the end of my road, I saw more beer cans littered around. As per usual, it's often Fosters cans that you see littering the place.

New Toothy Tabs are Lush

Lush, the high street retailer and maker of fresh hand-made cosmetics, are concerned about the waste from traditional toothpaste dispensers. Most toothpaste tubes and modern fangled pumps end up in landfill so Lush have come up with a simple solution - Toothy Tabs.

Just open up the cardboard box, pop a toothy tab in your mouth, crunch it up, brush with a wetted brush and voila - clean teeth and no waste.

BIOS Urn for Recycled Humans

When I die I want to be a... tree!

Well, if that's what you want, your last wish can come true thanks to the BIOS Urn.

Originally designed in 2000 by Gerard Moline, the latest incarnation of the BIOS urn, from Spanish designer Martín Azúa, is made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose with a funky green design on the outer sleeve.

Grow Your Own (Infographic)

It looks like the concept of "grow your own" is really picking up again in Britain.

Whether it's due to the wave of austerity sweeping the nation, allowing people to supplement purchased food and reduce their costs, or the  sheer satisfaction of being able to plant, grow, harvest and taste your own fruit and veg, grow your own is a most welcome change in the national psyche.

Joined the Woodland Trust

After many years of the occasional donation and trumpet blowing for the Woodland Trust we decided to join up. Our motivation? Well, just a few months ago when there was the furore of the Government intending to sell off Britain's last remaining public woodland to the highest bidders. Brits were outraged and the backlash caused the government to retract its despicable plans.