As with so many things Internet, stumbling across the website FixMyStreet.com was a happy and complete coincidence. The great thing about the site is that we were considering producing such a project here some months ago after we found that it wasn't just us who had difficulty in getting our own local council to keep the urban environment tidy.

Hummer Bummer (Hooray!)

GM's Hummer, the 2.5 ton 12 MPG Ego Carrier, has long been an icon.

On the one hand it has been a "status" symbol - an extra 2,700 kg of perceived self-importance, a sign of machismo, being unstoppable, oozing with attitude, couldn't-care-less gas-guzzling excess and having a tiny penis.

On the other hand the Hummer has represented everything worthy of contempt - all of the above, the death to other drivers in a road traffic accidents and the inspiration behind FUH2.

Eco Faciscm

You drive your car less, you cycle more, recycle more, use less packaging, re-use your grocery bags, use low-powered bulbs, switch to wind-powered electricity and remember to switch everything off when you go to bed or leave the house.

Bee Day

It was an unofficial "bee day" yesterday.

It all started when I came home from my local beer festival on Thursday night. Sitting on the sofa at midnight I caught the last half hour of a BBC programme entitled Who Killed the Honey Bee? Being concerned about the recent plight of the bumble bee the show was really interesting.

National Grid Calls for UK Energy Masterplan to meet Climate Change Challenge

National Grid is taking an energy and climate change leadership role in the UK and calling for a national Masterplan to be developed to determine the route-map for a low-carbon economy.

The company is seeking greater Government, industry and consumer collaboration in order to meet the Government targets of 80% emissions reduction by 2050, and 15% renewable energy sources by 2020.

National Grid Chief Executive, Steve Holliday, said;