The Eden Project

The first time I saw the Eden Project was probably in or just after the first year after it opened, 2001. Once a quarry, or more accurately, a china clay pit, this big hole in the ground has been radically transformed into the incredible place that is the Eden Project with its trademark biodomes.

Back then it was just being populated; the domes were there with their own environments but the "pit" was a sparsely-planted. Now it has grown to maturity and what a splendid place the Eden Project is.

A million rolls of loft insulation for £1 a roll

If you want to beat the credit crunch and insulate your home for less then you might like to know that DIY giant B&Q is selling a million rolls of loft insulation for just £1 a roll. The offer, available from Friday 13th February at B&Q stores throughout the country, means that with the average loft requiring 22 rolls of loft insulation to be fully insulated, it is estimated that those who take up the offer could reduce their heating bills by as much as £205 a year.

Polar Bears Stranded on Thames

London, 26th January 2009: A 16 foot high sculpture of an iceberg featuring a stranded female polar bear and her baby cub was launched on the River Thames today providing Londoners with a timely reminder of the dangers of global warming.

The sculpture, which was specially commissioned to mark the launch of Eden, a new digital TV channel devoted to natural history, graphically brought to life one of the most iconic images of climate change – the melting ice caps.

Bread, Eggs & Scrumpy

Yesterday I had an appointment in the south east corner of Dorset, on the border with my county of Hampshire, and I found myself just a couple of miles away from the New Forest where I lived when I was very young.

Driving back through the New Forest I stopped at a couple of places to pick up some local provisions; bread & free range eggs from a farm shop in Sopley and New Forest Cider from Burley.

Bad News on Heathrow

Ministers will apparently give the go-ahead for the controversial third runway at London's Heathrow Airport later today according to the BBC.

Despite open opposition from around 50 of the Government's own MPs, opposition MPs, environmental groups, concerned citizens and residents of the houses in the path of the runway, the announcement will be made today under the provision that the expansion is within strict environmental parameters.