The Water Meter is Paying Off

Four days ago we were sent our latest water bill for the forthcoming year (April 2011-March 2012). Seeing that we had a water meter installed nearly a year ago we were pretty shocked to see that the bill was 10% more than the previous year. Last year the water bill was £320. This year it was £350. One person, a water meter, and the cost of water supply and removal went UP?

Immediately after receiving the bill we called South East Water to ask why they still had the house on the "RV" or Rateable Value tariff.

Today, just four days later, we were sent our revised bill - We are currently in credit to the tune of £213.35 however the very helpful telephone staff at South East Water said that we "couldn't pay nothing" so we've got a monthly payment schedule of £2.00 a month.

The water company cocked up with their engineer not informing them of the install of the meter, the meter hasn't been read (Because SEW were unaware we had one) and so we paid over the top for our water. So this is justice for having forked out £320 last year.

The next step is that SEW will take a meter reading and then re-issue a new bill based on our water consumption which, for a pretty green household, should be low.

There's been no mention of a refund yet but it looks like having a water meter fitted is finally paying off. I've also heard that there is a single occupancy rate for people who might live on their own in a 3-bed property but I shall have a chat with Ofwat and let you know the results of that discussion too.