YoGen Charger for Free Energy

A friend has just come back from CES 2010, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now whilst the green in all of us asks why should we be interested in MORE gadgets to make last year's model obsolete and thus generate more waste, CES 2010 had quite a green theme this year.

But apart from the show being carbon neutral I wanted to say how impressed I am with YoGen.

YoGen is a hand-held device with a pull-string that, when drawn, it turns a mini flywheel alternator, thus producing power. Apparently about 1 minute of pulling the string is enough to charge a mobile phone.

YoGen comes in two styles: black and clear. YoGen is also available for either the universal LG/Nokia/Sony Ericsson Micro-USB or Apple 1-3 Mini-USB. Unfortunately (for me anyway) the YoGen isn't yet available for the iPhone 3GS but it *is* compatible with iPhone 3G.

If you want yourself a YoGen for free power then visit the YoGen store and pick up a YoGen for $39.99


I have a torch that works on the same principle as this. It just makes you think - what the hell is the point of batteries?! They could be replaced in hundreds of battery operated applicances.

Yeah, totally agree with you Duncan. I've got a wind-up lantern which is great and it makes me wonder why the good old dynamo-powered bicycle lamp hasn't made a comeback...

I spoke to YoGen a couple of weeks ago, asking when their iPhone 3GS charger was coming out; late summer. But now the iPhone 4's out, so it could be after Christmas by the time I get free energy at this rate...